Yoga Pictures

A gator on ancient sicilian ruins in astavakrasana - 8 angle pose

7 Year olds in second grade - Good Sheppard School - New Orleans

A fun spirited 2nd grader flying in crow pose

Students from the Nautilus High School - NOLA

Teaching the staff at a dynamic restaurant organization that helps youths at risk

The Community Center in Saint Bernards Parrish

Me with one of my seniors, Mabel - Halle Berry of the 1950s?

Teaching staff members of the Hope House to get in to their core.

Assisting where necessary - beautiful spirits

The second graders, one more time.

Tree Pose in Montezuma, Costa Rica - 10 second auto-timer, hurry.

Half Moon - 5 hours after surgery.

Warrior III - Virabhadrasana 3 - hours after the knee was cleaned out. is a personal business site and a member of the nascent HiPo Management co.

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