Yoga Privates

I am available for privates for all level of students. I work with students interested in enhancing their practice or for a host of other reasons. The two top reasons to work privately with me include increasing performance in any physical activity you may do and also working through any type of physical injury or limitation therapeutically. The yoga that I practice is steeply entrenched in biomechanical principles and the postures are done with precision for optimal effect. The principles of the practice are completely transferable to any activity, and the principles when done properly are extremely therapeutic.

I work on a sliding scale and really try to make myself available to anyone interested in working with me. Professional athletes should give serious consideration to working with me to learn how knowledge of biomechanical principles can greatly increase their ability to perform. I am professionally trained to see body patterns and offer insightful cues that can help increase strength, balance, and endurance in a meaningful way. For instance, we work on stretching muscle groups that are tight and engaging muscle groups that are less engaged, bringing about optimal balance in action.

I have strong backgrounds in tennis, football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, swimming. I can attest personally to how much better I perform in all areas physically with awareness of good mechanical principles. Also, I have had six operations on my body prior to practicing yoga and I tried several different yoga methods before finding one that stood out in terms of its ability to heal the body.

I make housecalls and also practice out of my studio space a block west of Union Square or at a studio space in Soho. Rates are run off a sliding scale from $75-$175/hr based on ability to pay. Contact me at or call direct (305) 423-YOGA. (305) 423-9642.

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